Skills to thrive: Careers in HPC

  • Monday, 25 September 2017
    Time: 1:00-5:00pm

    At EuroMPI 2017
    Argonne National Laboratory
    9700 S. Cass Avenue
    Building 240 Argonne
    IL 60439

The second EuroMPI Careers in HPC Workshop, to be held in association with EuroMPI 2017 at Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago, IL, on 25th September 2017, will provide hands-on sessions for developing the key skills required to excel in a career using MPI in the HPC community. The workshop will focus on the issue of work-life balance, which is extremely challenging for both women and men in the fast-paced, demanding field of HPC. Two keynotes and a panel discussion will focus on strategies and challenges of work-life balance. These will give the audience diverse perspectives on these challenges across senior members of the MPI community.

Don’t forget to also join in with the EuroMPI conference. As a supporter of Women in HPC the conference is a great opportunity to find out about MPI. MPI is now 25 years old and remains the most widely used and influential interface standard for parallel scientific computing using the message-passing model. The “25 years of MPI Symposium” will offer critical, personal, and historical reflections and insights into the many aspects of the standardization process by some of the many individuals that were at crucial points involved in or otherwise influencing the process.

More details on the WHPC workshop will available soon, but if you wish to be involved in the main EuroMPI conference, don’t forget the following key dates:

  • Call for papers due on May 1, 2017
  • Call for posters due June 30, 2017


Information coming soon



  • Session 1

  • Welcome
    Invited talks: Work-life balance

  • Session 2

  • Panel

  • Session 3

  • Invited talk: Unconscious bias

  • Session 4

  • Speed networking and mentoring

  • Session 5

  • Parallel breakout sessions:

    Breakout 1 (Work-life balance challenges): Brainstorm ideas and solutions for managing the challenges of work-life balance.

    Breakout 2 (Career development/mentoring):
    Skills to thrive; how to start writing; how to define success in your career; sharing your experiences and advice on your successes in the workplace.

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