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  • Graydon helps HPCS delegates tackle gender bias

    By Kelly Nolan, Compute Canada Executive Director, External Affairs and Compute Canada’s Women in HPC Chapter Click here for more information about the Compute Canada Women in HPC Chapter Give this a try: Type “woman and computers” in Google Images. Included among the first images to appear are a distraught woman with a dismantled computer; one […]

  • WHPC at ISC 2016

    By Toni Collis, Women in HPC Founder and Director and Applications Consultant at EPCC, University of Edinburgh. The week of ISC High Performance 2016 in mid June, saw the most exciting set of WHPC events to date!  The Women in HPC team set off from all over the world a few days before ISC, from […]

  • Top 10 Things I Liked About ISC 16

    This post was first published on July 2, 2016 at http://mcmahonconsulting.com/top-10-things-i-liked-about-isc-16/ My expected and not-to-be-missed Top 10 for ISC High Performance – better late than never. I hope this look back reminds you of your ISC experience and puts a smile on your face! 1. The Energy From the moment I walked onto the show floor, I […]

  • To Attract More Women to HPC Careers, We Need to Tell the Full Story

    By Marie-Christine Sawley, Ph.D; Director of the Intel Exascale Lab in Paris This post first appeared on https://itpeernetwork.intel.com/ on 13 June 2016. Technical professions still attract more men than women, and high performance computing (HPC) is no exception. Although there are growing numbers of women working in the diverse areas of HPC, women as a whole […]

  • Closing the gap: software carpentry training for women

      By Aleksandra Pawlik, formerly of the Software Sustainability Institute Closing the gender gap in STEM is a broad topic. Increasing diversity and female participation at all levels of education and professional world in science and technology is a subject of lots of debates. The Software Sustainability Institute where I work has hosted a series […]